Tori is the Founder of Waveney Flow Yoga. Waveney Flow works to make yoga accessible and fun for real people. We do yoga because it feels good. Not because it looks good. This yoga is much more about striving to touch your toes rather than stand on your head. 

What I do

Waveney Flow offers a variety of ways to get involved: from community online yoga classes, Pub Yoga in Norwich, rural yoga retreats in Norfolk, paddle board & yoga, as well as one-on-one yoga classes and yoga for businesses. 

We partner with local small businesses and celebrate the beautiful natural environment of Norfolk & Suffolk, as that’s a massive part of staying healthy and feeling good! 

What Tori loves about Norfolk…

 This was my childhood home. Although my accent wouldn’t give it away, I spent my early years here, playing and exploring by the River Waveney. In all my years of travel across three different continents, living three very different lives – this is by far my favourite place in the world, and I always find myself coming back to it.  

The natural beauty, the friendly smiles, delicious local foods and innovative spirit among Norfolk’s entrepreneurs make this place unique. And where I choose to lay my roots!”