Liz is a yoga teacher, writer and holistic masseuse. She specialises in vinyasa flow classes that are embodied, creative and encourage movement in non-linear patterns (which sometimes means coming off our mats or getting rid of them altogether!). Coming from a non-athletic background, yoga acted as her gateway into a forever love of movement and all its possibilities. She aims to inspire this same sense of wonder and curiosity in her students with her playful, intuitive teaching. What she shares and creates is made with love, but also from the desire to empower her students and encourage their growth – both individually and as a collective.  

With Liz, you can expect to move with intention and with joy, while embracing the challenge of working things out rather than getting them right. She offers practices that encourage fluidity in body and mind, centred around our relationship with the ground, the spine, and the breath. She teaches in studios, offices, and gyms across Norwich, including SUP Yoga at David Lloyd. She also works in small groups and with 1:2:1 clients. Whether her students are seasoned yogis or building their foundations, whether it’s at their place of work, in a studio or on the water, above all, Liz aims to offer them the opportunity to truly be here now. 

Liz is also a trained holistic masseuse, offering therapeutic and nurturing treatments in her home or travelling to her clients, as well as working as a masseuse on retreats. These treatments are person-centred, guided by principles of sensitivity, awareness and quality of touch. Liz’s massage therapy helps to ease areas of muscular tension, while promoting relaxation and inviting feeling good for its own sake, allowing clients to drop into the moment and feel safe, comfortable, and supported.

What Liz loves about Norfolk…

I moved to Norwich at the tail end of the third lockdown, with no connections or any idea of what it was like to live here (the day I moved was the first time I’d ever visited!). Everyone I’ve met has been so friendly and welcoming; it’s a beautiful place, where creativity and collaboration flow freely. Big city vibes, small town feeling. I can’t wait to connect and create with more people – and make more time for trips to the coast!