Hayley is a Life and Loss Integrated Therapist, Mindset and Life Coach and specialises working with people who are struggling to adapt to life after loss. This may be bereavement, loss of a relationship, a career or the loss of focus or passion about the future. 

What I do

Significant loss and grief in particular, can be a taboo subject within the regular support network of friends and family, with an expectation to ‘get over it’ within a certain time period of weeks or months. After the initial and immediate outpouring of support and well wishes, comes silence. Life around you carries on as normal but it has likely changed permanently for you now and thrown life as you know it, and planned it, out the window.

 It may also leave behind overwhelming feelings of anger, anxiety, depression, overwhelm or a feeling of ’stuckness’ to name but a few.

At the Stable Space, Hayley offers a safe place to talk, which complemented with a range of therapy techniques including NLP, TFT and Hypnotherapy and Coaching, enables her to help you adjust to life after loss and work through any conflict or less helpful feelings that may have arisen, allowing you to begin to regain strength, connection and meaning once again. 

What Hayley loves about Norfolk…

The big open skies, the beautiful beaches and woodlands to walk and explore with the space to sit and breathe it in for a little while. And the fact it’s filled with so many friendly lovely people that all appreciate the same thing. My daughter told me a few weeks ago that she feels like she lives exactly where she’s meant to live and is the happiest to be, and I think she has it spot on!

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