Shani Bella Coaching Feel Good Norfolk

Beautiful Souls, I’m Shani. I am a Spiritual Guide, Intuitive Healer, Breathwork Facilitator, Ancestral Healer and teacher.  

I take heart-centred women, on a journey of discovery, spiritual connection, empowerment, and transformation so that you can return home to the truth of who you are, integrate your Divine Feminine with Your Divine Masculine, find your soul purpose and bring you back into your divine truth so that you can shine your light bright into the world! 

 I have a free Group for Lightworkers, Healers, Heart-Centred Women and those stepping into their Spiritual Path. We dig into all things spirituality, how to amplify your feminine power and integrate with your Divine Masculine, connect in sacred sisterhood and trust your intuition to #Reclaimyourinnergoddess. 

 Weekly Oracle Deck readings, Guest speakers, Spirituali-tea and community building 

 Come and join the Gathering of Hearts!

Every Month I hold the space for New Moon and Full Moon Womxn’s Circles. 

 A sacred space for you to be seen, heard and witnessed.

 If you feel the call to sit with your sisters in sacred circle, I would love to have your energy there. Now more than ever we need our sisters to support us as we continue to navigate and transition through chaotic and uncertain times.


  •  Divine Feminine Sacred Activations 
  •  Meditation to slow down and tune in with what we need to let go of and what we need to express
  •  Journaling and reflection 
  •  Sharing and sacred sisterhood 

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What Shani loves about Norfolk… 

I love Norfolk because of the connection to Mother Earth. The abundance of nature, wildlife, places to explore and curious discoveries! The people, the spiritual connections and the community spirit is what makes this place so special and the reason I think I landed here in the middle of the Pandemic!”