Kristie is a Women’s Life & Wellness Coach and Naturopathic Nutritionist. Weaving together life coaching and health coaching, Kristie is passionate about supporting women to restore a sense of wholeness, connect with their cyclical nature and feel empowered in their self-care and health care.


What I do

Through her coaching and workshops, Kristie encourages simple and sustainable change to help clients go from stuck, overwhelmed and energetically depleted to feeling grounded, resilient and energised. As a result of working with Kristie, her clients learn to create wellness from within, nurture themselves from a place of compassion, uncover what it truly means for them to thrive and take meaningful action towards the change they crave.

 As a passionate wellness educator, Kristie also regularly holds workshops and webinars on the use of essential oils and other tools for supporting everyday health, wellbeing and toxin free living.

    What Kristie loves about Norfolk…

    Many things! The outdoors has to be top of my list, we are blessed with beautiful beaches, woodlands and countryside. Also, the independent cafes and shops and of course, my family and friends!