I am an MSc Advanced Wildlife Conservation Student, Doggy Daycare Manager and complete nature nut! Throw in a camera and Sam Short Conservation Photography was born!

What I do

A passion to develop a career in wildlife conservation has led me to dedicate my time to volunteer work in the South African Bush a few years ago, where I fell in love with the wilds of nature and all it entails. Here, surrounded by wilderness at its finest, was where I held my first bridge camera and felt the first rush of excitement when I captured something special. While still teaching myself the basics, I am exploring the world of conservation photography allowing me to marry my career goals with the camera. My academic background has given me the drive to spread awareness of the impact of human existence on species world wide, culminating in the creation of Sam Short Conservation Photography! A big part of this venture is starting conversations both personally and in the homes of my customers, imploring people to share the special sightings I’ve captured and also to contemplate on the state of nature that now exists. It is my hope that conservation photography creates a pathway to inspire a connection with the natural world that can come only from respecting its existence.  I’m excited to keep learning and developing my prints to showcase the beautiful wildlife we owe so much to!

What Sam loves about Norfolk…


I moved here when I was nine and I believe that the relocation was instrumental in finding my pathway to a love of nature and community. The Norfolk region is iconic for bird watching and British wildlife sightings, owing to its array of habitats from heathland to coastal breeding sites. As my interest in the outdoors grew, I soon discovered just how much Norfolk has to offer with its stunning protected areas, hidden woodland gems and green spaces making it a wildlife photographer’s paradise. Alongside this, the organisations supporting wellness and wellbeing bring people together to create a real sense of community. Having suffered from mental health issues in the past, I have found myself lucky to live in such a vibrant, supportive and nature focused county and I love that Norfolk is being celebrated for all the ‘feed good’ businesses on our doorstep!