Are you a wellbeing business based in Norfolk?

 Would you like to become part of a supportive local network? Do you believe in connection and collaboration over competition? 

Feel Good Norfolk (FGN) is a non-profit organisation.  We are a platform for wellbeing businesses to connect, support, celebrate, and learn together so that they can, not just grow, but thrive side by side. Whether you’re a newbie or a long-time business owner, we’d love for you to join the Feel Good Community.

By joining our wellbeing business owners membership you will have the opportunity to meet, trade knowledge, skills and wisdom with other practitioners and wellbeing businesses. You will gain unique insight into each other’s work, creating more opportunities for referring and recommending each other with ease and confidence. Peer support can increase confidence, allowing you to help others within the community, whilst also exploring ways of meeting your own wellbeing needs.

Feel Good Wellbeing Business Support

Through creative networking, we can have conversations about challenges and fears about our businesses, alongside sharing and celebrating each other’s wins. Being an independent business owner can be empowering but may also sometimes feel lonely or overwhelming. FGN is providing an opportunity for you to step into a shared space.

You will be invited to join our monthly ‘net-walks’ within the Norfolk countryside, alongside other regular networking events, all of which aim to nurture and nourish both our individual businesses and FGN as a collective. 

We also offer regular business and finance support sessions delivered by local experts. These workshops focus on all areas of running a business such as understanding digital accounting, discovering new systems and software, developing social media strategies, and learning how to effectively plan and set achievable goals. Our aim is for you to have an array of helpful resources to develop your knowledge, skills, and confidence with managing the administrative and marketing side of your business; learning how to work better, not harder!

It’s vital we lean into the strengths of our peers to feel assured and inspired in our businesses.

Feel Good Norfolk Community Group

Current Wellbeing Biz Members

“There is so much more to consider than simply being knowledgeable within our art.  We must go beyond our comfort zones and wear many ‘hats’. To do this alone with no support can be very challenging.”

With a love of bringing people together and a vision that we can harmoniously support and learn from each other as a community, Sarah has created a space where we can all feel like we are part of a team.

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Listen to what our Business Community has to say...

Being in the same room as other Feel Good practitioners has a certain kind of Feel Good energy about it!  Each time I’ve attended a gathering, it has felt like a peaceful and easy collaboration of like minded, heart led, therapeutic individuals that really appreciate and value what each other has to bring to the table.  It’s a wonderful thing!

Hayley Bedington, The Stable Space

I found the business support session really useful. I feel a lot clearer in my mind about where I’m going and how to get there! I found it useful to listen to everyone else as there were things to take from what everyone was dealing with in their own personal business lives. I guess for the most part our challenges are fairly similar so it’s great to be able discuss things together. If nothing else, it reminds me I’m not alone!

Georgina Huggins, Norfolk Yoga Therapy

I attended the feel good finance session as I always think knowledge is power. It is best to be informed and from there you can make better decisions. As a new start-up, I value the support and those with more expertise and experience in the financial side of running a business.  I found it valuable to have support and receive uplifting vibes from the ‘team’.

Rachael Filbey-Howe, Flow Living

Having never been a fan of formal networking, the netwalks and gatherings with the Feel Good Collective are a breath of fresh air.  A chance to chat to like minded people, share ideas, challenges and inspiration about our businesses in the wellness industry.  Sarah is a wonderful facilitator, exuding a calm yet dynamic energy which is completely infectious.  I always come away feeling inspired.

Lisa Webster, The Space Burston

I attended the feel good finance session and I cannot explain how helpful the session with Peter was. I feel so much more empowered to keep track of my finances, and in the most efficient way possible that saves me time. Huge thank you!

Liz Naven, Movement & Words

At my first Feel Good Norfolk meet up I found the warm welcome so nourishing, friendly and supportive.  I left feeling uplifted and my cup refilled!  What a gift to have this community of like minded wellness practitioners to gather with, to share experiences, joys and concerns, and support each other.  So happy to have connected!

Haley, Singing Mamas Norwich

It’s been amazing to connect with other local wellbeing practitioners. As a result, I’ve expanded what I can offer to my clients (in terms of local knowledge and signposting), expanded my own professional network and expanded my social circle too! As a practitioner, who’s relatively new on the scene in Norwich, FGN has been a real gift.

Jessica, Norwich Therapist

Thank you for organising and providing the space and opportunity for reviving a kind of freshness and reconnection with why I do what I do, why I enjoy being with likeminded people, and for the chance to meet new practitioners who are on the same wavelength.

Andie McPherson, Counselling & Psychotherapy

The business support session about reviews was informative, and a great reminder of how important Google reviews are for Google page placing (as opposed to Facebook or written testimonials).  I changed the wording on my appointment reminders and received a new Google review as a result!

Thank you Gemma!

Nicola Rycroft, Three Treasures Clinic

I attended the FGN coffee meet up at The Yoga Tree and it was fab!  It was my first time coming to one of their events and I must admit I was a little nervous!  However, Sarah and the other attendees made me feel instantly welcome.  It was so relaxed; it really was like having coffee with friends.  You wouldn’t have thought we had only just met!  I left feeling inspired and excited to come to the next one to chat some more and meet more lovely like-minded people.

Victoria Rose Pilates

As a young business and new member I came with no expectations going into the session and it was such a beautiful learning space, it really was helpful. It was lovely to see Sarah and Emily there but also to connect with some of the FGN network. I learnt a lot in a short space of time and feeling my way into a new community felt so natural and supportive and that was down to the space created by FGN and those in the room.

Fai De Main, The Fai Method