Sarah Groves

Founder and director of Feel Good Norfolk, Sarah Groves, grew up in Norfolk and has worked as a wellbeing practitioner since 2009.

Sarah is a fertility and maternity trained reflexologist, specialising in women’s health, as well as a certified postnatal doula.  Alongside her clinic treatments, she also works closely with new parents helping to develop unique strategies for transitioning into parenthood more gently, offering support, guidance, and nurturance.

Before training as a practitioner, Sarah worked for many years in the business sector, which has given her knowledge and insight into what makes a business succeed.

The Feel Good Norfolk idea grew from Sarah’s combined love of wellbeing, community, and Norfolk.

I love Norfolk. With all its beauty from the coast, to the forest, from the market towns, to our fine city of Norwich, we have a vast amount of culture, heritage, nature, and independent businesses, old and new, which deserve our attention and celebration.”

Sarah believes that community is at the heart of human health.  It is vital to our whole wellbeing to feel a sense of belonging and social connectedness.

“Sadly, we have lost our traditional ways of living interdependently and because of this we have seen an increase in stress, anxiety, and depression.  We now live in a mindset that we must be able to ‘do it all’ and, if we believe we are not coping in some way, this can have a detrimental impact on our self-worth and overall health.”

Sarah is passionate about reviving our sense of community here in Norwich and Norfolk, and what better community than one that promotes wellbeing?

Feel Good Norfolk is a nourishing network of businesses; a place to connect, support, and celebrate each other.  It is a trusted space where customers can easily discover what is available to help them and ultimately thrive in Norfolk, through connecting with organisations that champion wellbeing.

As a social venture we want to increase awareness regarding all the wonderful ways that we can support our whole health and each other, whilst giving small independent local businesses the opportunity to learn and grow together, creating a resilient and sustainable economy.