The Feel Good Idea

What is Feel Good Norfolk?

For the Customer: A trusted collective of Norfolk wellbeing products and
services, all in one place.

For a Business: A platform to connect, support, celebrate, share, and learn together so our businesses can grow and thrive side by side.


Feel Good Offers

You can easily find all the details on local wellbeing Businesses and services in our collective and you can also enjoy exclusive offers & discounts with our feel-good loyalty.

Business Owners

If you are a wellbeing business based in Norfolk, whether you are just starting out or you have been running your business for many years, we would love you to join the collective.

News & Events

Don’t forget to keep an eye on our FGN News & Events. We will regularly update these pages regarding what’s happening with wellbeing in Norwich and Norfolk, so you don’t miss out.

Sarah Groves

Having grown up in Norfolk and worked as a therapist since 2009, founder of Feel Good Norfolk, Sarah Groves, has discovered some wonderful ways to support her health and wellbeing over the years.

I love Norfolk. With all its beauty from the coast, to the forest, from a market town to our fine city of Norwich, we have a vast amount of culture, heritage, nature and independent businesses, old and new, which deserve our attention and celebration.”

Sarah has also experienced the challenges of building a business as a self-employed practitioner.

There is so much more to consider than simply being knowledgeable within our art.  We must go beyond our comfort zones. To do this alone with no support can be really difficult to do.” 

With a love of bringing people together and a vision that we can harmoniously support and learn from each other as a community, Sarah wanted to create a space where we can all feel like we are part of a team. 

FGN is a place where we can discover what is available, better understand, and easily access, the support we need to feel-good within ourselves and within our business.

Are you a Norfolk based wellbeing business?  Would you like to join the feel good collective?

Why join the feel-good collective?

Create the collective

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Be a part of creating the Feel Good collective.  A community where our independent businesses can join forces to strengthen, nourish and support each other.  A place where we can feel like a team.  A space to learn and thrive.

Showcase your service

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Sometimes it feels tricky to constantly ‘get yourself out there’.  We are not the kind of industry who always feel comfortable being on a stage making noise about what we have to offer.  Feel Good Norfolk provides a platform where we can do this together.  We can showcase our businesses as one, shout about each other and gain confidence on how to do it for ourselves, so our customers can enjoy and benefit from what we do more and more.

Collaborate with others

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Our customers benefit from the value and variety that collaboration provides.  At Feel Good Norfolk we combine our expertise so that we can achieve more than when we are just going it alone. Understanding how others work helps us to innovate our own way of working.  We interact, share and inspire each other to make our businesses shine.

Build loyalty & trust

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The Feel Good Norfolk customers know that we are a collective of trusted practitioners and businesses, offering good quality products and services.  Recommendations and referrals are the most effective way of instilling a sense of trust and developing a loyal following.  Norfolk is a county where people enjoy local; we are the place where they can confidently find what is available, to help them with their health and wellbeing again and again. 

Connect with customers

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Through Feel Good Norfolk you can connect with an audience who love what we do.  Our customers feel reassured that they can easily find and comfortably discover more of what is available to them within the wellbeing world of Norfolk.

Support & Celebrate

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Together we are stronger.  Together we can celebrate ourselves and each other.  Through a nourishing network of wellbeing practitioners and businesses we can gain new ideas, we can build our confidence and feel reassured.  We can exchange, refer and advise, so that our businesses can grow and thrive side by side.

Feel Good Sponsor


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