The Feel Good
Community Hub

A warm & supportive space to connect, explore & discover better wellbeing

This initiative is funded by the National Lottery Community Fund.  It is a free to access service looking to support those experiencing mental health challenges such as stress, anxiety, loneliness, or lack of confidence, as well as financial hardship.

You can enjoy:

  • nourishing food
  • supportive community chats in the café
  • wellbeing workshops
  • holistic therapy taster sessions
  • mindful arts & crafts
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I had a fantastic time!  All the classes exceeded my expectations and I was thoroughly surprised at how I responded to everything. It has given me a great insight to what I/ my body needs to start me on my recovery.


Everyone there was so welcoming and made me feel right at home. There were plenty of varied workshops to get involved in but at the same time there was no pressure, which was perfect for me as I’ve felt quite overwhelmed recently. I really benefitted from the day, felt very peaceful by the end, and have picked up some skills and techniques to use going forward.


Find your roots to your wellbeing

Feel Good Community Hub Yoga Tree Cafe

The Feel Good Community Hub

  • Age: Any age over 18

  • Cost: Free – booking required

  • Availability: One Saturday a month

  • Time: 2pm to 5pm

  • Location: The Yoga Tree, All Saints Green, Norwich, NR1 3NB

  • Dates: June 17th / July 15th / August 19th / September 23rd / October 21st / November 18thDecember 16th / January 20th / February 17th


You can:

  • explore different ways to support your wellbeing 
  • connect to what feels good  
  • discover what services are available for you to further promote positive physical and mental health

You will have the opportunity to try out various activities such as yoga, pilates, dance, meditation & mindfulness exercises.

Some events will also include taster sessions for holistic therapies such as reflexology & massage. Plus, workshops to learn about how to improve your health through options like positive psychology, crystals, running & connecting with nature.

You can, of course, simply enjoy community chats in the cafe, & perhaps some mindful arts & crafts if you fancy it. You can also choose whether to come for the whole event or for just part of it.  Whatever feels good for you on the day.

Our intention is to help you root down into what helps YOU feel good. We want to give you confidence to discover the individual branches you can climb to further your journey to good health.

Be happier, healthier and more confident. Make positive choices about what makes you feel good.


I certainly came away feeling a lot more relaxed than when I arrived


I genuinely loved being a part of the event and was really impressed by how it came together.

Georgina Huggins
Norfolk Yoga Therapy

It was so beautifully organised and had such a wonderful vibe.

Kerry Dolan