Part 3 – The Benefits of Online Yoga – Alison of Yoga for Everybody shares her discovery!


My main focus as a yoga teacher is working with small groups of people to make yoga relevant and accessible to them – yoga for everybody and every body! I hadn’t considered offering online content prior to the pandemic: our classes are a dialogue between clients and teacher, and this seemed best suited to in-person classes, especially given that many of my clients are new to yoga, or have particular physical needs due to injury, disability or age. I’ve been pleasantly surprised, however, by the success of online classes. 

Firstly, teaching and learning from home has benefited everyone: several clients now attend two classes each week because it’s so much easier to turn on a Zoom call than get in the car and go out. Likewise, not having to book a studio space or pay other overheads means that I can be more flexible with cancellations and schedule changes. Being in our own homes also means that we can all choose the temperature, lighting and music that suits us, and that we’re more inclined to do what suits our own individual bodies rather than feeling obligated to work at the same pace as others in the class. No more shivering because another person opened the window, or pushing yourself to balance without a chair for support!

To continue building our community ethos, class numbers are kept low (max 6 per Zoom class) and most clients choose to keep their microphone on during classes. This benefits our teacher-client relationship since they give me immediate verbal feedback throughout the class, but it has also proved a great community-builder during this time of physical isolation. It’s been a joy to see people build intergenerational friendships, help one another with job-hunting and send messages of support to clients who have been unwell. Indeed, our Zoom community is so successful that we will continue to offer some classes online even when it is no longer a necessity. 

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