Who is it for? People who are passionate about fighting for nature!

EEEEP! I am so incredibly excited to launch my brand new, custom designed sweatshirt range ‘Fierce for nature’!

I am a conservation photographer training to work in the field of wildlife conservation and that’s something I’m super proud of, so I wanted to create a product line that lets fellow nature lovers shout out loud about our love for the planet. I have turned some of my best loved photographs into vivid artwork that look so beautiful as a unique clothing line!

Of course, staying true to my conservation message, every purchase comes with an info card about the species and shares intimate details behind the moment of capture – how often can you know the exact story of the wild faces on your favourite jumper!! 

There are 4 designs that come in the specific colours shown as they best compliment the artwork, but of course there are customisation options available.

As I am a small business (very small), conscious of my impact on the planet, I am not stocking clothing in house to prevent wastage! Therefore, sweatshirt orders are purchased on a PRE ORDER basis with 2 regular sourcing dates a month. Only orders that have been purchased and paid for will be produced (we don’t want excess in a world where everything is precious)!

All the details are on my Etsy Store.

Shop quick for FREE DELIVERY.

So, I think that’s enough of an intro for now!

As I write this I am snuggled up in my ‘Lion Drinking’ inspired jumper (it’s so soft and warm) thinking about how amazing it is that I’ve come to this point in my journey.

– Sam, Amateur Wildlife Photographer and Wildlife Conservation MSc Student with a passion for spreading awareness about the plights of the natural world

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Fierce for Nature