Part 1 - 2020 was an unusual year for me and Three Treasures Clinic.

I have never been more grateful to be a member of a professional body (The British Acupuncture Council) who guided me through the new rules and regulations during the pandemic. I was frustrated during the first lockdown as I was unable to treat my patients who I knew were in pain, or struggling emotionally. However, I did enjoy the quiet time at home with my family. As a self-employed practitioner, it is often hard to switch off from work. A complete lockdown gave me the opportunity to step back and see what was and wasn’t working for me in my business. I am now stricter with my working hours and this has brought benefits to my own health and state of mind which I believe makes me a better, more grounded acupuncturist.

When I was able to reopen in the summer, my clinic was ready with all of the Covid secure changes implemented. I was a little overwhelmed at the beginning with the extra cleaning, masks and social distancing but I soon adjusted. I had to see less patients so that I could allow for 30 minutes of cleaning/airing between appointments. To reduce contact time in clinic, I switched to an online platform which enabled me to email case-history forms to new patients. I was also able to send Covid screening forms to my existing patients which gave me extra peace of mind. I have enjoyed this new structured way of working and will continue it when things go back to ‘normal’.

One positive from this pandemic is that people are now thinking more about their health and wellbeing, and have started investigating preventative healthcare options, like acupuncture. A balanced lifestyle and peaceful mind is at the root of Chinese Medicine philosophy. I am convinced that acupuncture has an important role to play in helping people to stay healthy and positive not just during these uncertain times, but in the future. I am grateful that acupuncture’s role as a legitimate medical practice is now starting to become recognised and I have been able to carry on seeing some patients during these recent lockdowns.

2021 may have started with a bump for most people, but if I am able to carry on treating in my home clinic, helping patients feel better one by one, for me that is enough.

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